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System development


Web system development

We handle the development of all kinds of web systems, from the development of core systems such as customer management, inventory management, and sales management, to e-commerce sites and reservation management systems.
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App development

We develop apps for iOS and Android, from casual game apps to apps linked to web systems, and apps linked to cameras and location information.


game development

We handle everything from developing games for smartphones and PCs using Unity to planning and operation.



Web design

We offer services ranging from website design, construction, operation, and updating services. In addition to being compatible with smartphones, we also accept shop designs for major malls such as Rakuten Shop.


Paper Design

We handle a wide range of design production, from logo production to business cards, flyers, brochures, and other printed materials to product packaging and signboards.


Game Related Design

We handle everything from game UI to 2D and 3D character design and item production.