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We have started the fully automatic voice reservation system "Reservation LIoyd" service.

From August 1, 2020, we have started the fully automatic voice reservation system "Reservation LIoyd" service.
"Reservation Lloyd" allows reservations to be made over the phone using automatic voice guidance with simple settings and operations.
It is also possible to limit the number of reservations and guide customers to online reservations.

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“BLONDE” service for hair salons

Management system for hair salons. It is a system with all-in-one functions such as customer management, sales management for each employee, and schedule reservation management.
We also support multiple stores.


Face recognition system "KAO-LINK"

By linking with a facial recognition system using a camera, it is possible to build a next-generation system that can be used in a variety of situations, such as customer service and attendance/attendance management.

EC site production service “EGEC”

This is a service that allows all customers who want to accelerate the promotion of product sales online to create a high-quality e-commerce site.
With custom production that emphasizes design and function, we not only allow you to freely create an EC site according to your requests, but also include management systems such as customer management systems, sales inventory, and product shipping status.



Detail isPDFPlease refer to the.